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PPC Management Services

PPC (Pay-Per-Click) advertising empowers you to secure prime real estate on search engines and appear on contextually relevant websites. It's a quick way to drive targeted traffic to your site and can serve as a powerful complement to your existing SEO efforts. With PPC, you can refine your digital marketing tactics through data-driven insights, rather than relying on educated guesses.

The strategic use of long-tail keywords—highly specific, low-volume search terms—can offer a robust return on investment (ROI). These keywords are often less competitive, meaning they are less expensive to bid on compared to high-volume keywords. Utilizing this approach effectively lowers your overall average cost-per-click (CPC), providing a more cost-efficient advertising campaign.

Full-Scope PPC

PushFire provides comprehensive PPC services, ranging from setting up a brand-new campaign to revamping an existing one. We also offer ongoing campaign optimization and management. Whether you're looking for short-term, month-to-month management, a one-time campaign audit, or a full rebuild to be managed by your internal team, we've got you covered.

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PPC management services

Explore our range of popular paid marketing services below. If you're unsure about the best fit for your business, we can guide you on which platforms have delivered top ROI in your industry. Often, a mix of different online advertising approaches yields the best results.

Google Ads

PPC advertising delivers instant traffic by placing you at top positions on search engines. With Google accounting for 83% of all US searches, it remains the most effective PPC advertising vehicle.

Microsoft Ads

If not all Internet users exclusively search on Google, why should your ad campaign be confined to it? With a 9% market share in U.S. search queries, Bing accounts for approximately 1.25 billion searches per day.

Meta Ads

"Facebook and Instagram advertising serves as an ideal complement to any search marketing campaign. With 3.59 billion daily active users, Meta is the leading social media platform for advertising."


Push Fire offers complete retargeting services, including campaign development and management services. Our expertise ensures that businesses spend their ad dollars on the users most likely to convert...

Shopping Ads

Both Google and Bing offer Shopping ads to allow you to showcase individual products directly in the search results. Shopping ads appear above organic listings for almost all terms centered around commercial products...

PPC Audits

At PushFire, we offer a PPC audit as a service to clients who aren’t necessarily looking to switch PPC providers, or let go of managing the accounts themselves – they are simply looking for ways to improve and hone...

What’s included in PushFire’s
PPC Management services?

  • Comprehensive Keyword Portfolio Development

    Utilizing advanced keyword research tools and techniques to identify high-performance keywords.

  • Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

    Employing machine learning algorithms to continually enhance user experience and conversion rates on landing pages.

  • Dynamic Ad Copywriting & A/B Testing

    Crafting and dynamically optimizing ad copies based on real-time data and running A/B split tests to ascertain the highest-performing variables.

  • In-Depth Bid Strategy Analysis

    Utilizing predictive analytics to determine optimal bidding strategies, whether it's manual CPC, automated bid adjustments or real-time bidding.

  • Custom Ad Scheduling and Dayparting

    Aligning ad delivery to specific hours or days for maximized ROI, based on advanced analytics.

  • Granular Audience Segmentation

    Deploying machine learning algorithms to segment audiences based on behavior, location, and other demographics for highly targeted campaigns.

  • Geo-Targeting and Location-based Strategies

    Implementing advanced geolocation targeting to display ads to prospects within a defined geographical area.

  • Real-Time Performance Dashboard

    Providing a customizable, real-time analytics dashboard with a focus on KPIs that matter the most to your business.

  • ROI & KPI Metrics Tracking

    Employing advanced analytics for precise measurement and tracking of ROI and other key performance indicators.

  • AI-Powered Ad Placement

    Leveraging Artificial Intelligence to automatically place ads in the most impactful positions across Google’s vast advertising network.

  • Click-Through Rate Optimization

    Utilizing data-driven methodologies to continually improve the CTR of your ads.

  • Advanced Search Query Analysis

    Continual monitoring and analysis of search queries triggering your ads, and adjusting keyword targeting accordingly.

  • Negative Keyword Maintenance

    Regularly updating the negative keyword list to eliminate irrelevant or low-performing traffic.

  • Quality Score Management

    Constantly monitoring and improving the Google Ads Quality Score to lower CPC and improve ad rankings.

  • Multi-Touch Attribution Modeling

    Employing sophisticated attribution models to understand how various touchpoints contribute to conversions.

  • Ad Extension Optimization

    Utilizing all available ad extensions to improve ad performance and CTR, including sitelink, callout, structured snippet, and more.

  • Dynamic Remarketing Campaigns

    Leveraging Google Ads' dynamic remarketing capabilities to retarget potential customers with highly personalized ads.

  • Google Shopping Campaign Management

    Optimizing Product Listing Ads (PLAs) and utilizing Google Merchant Center for eCommerce campaigns.

  • Competitive Benchmarking & Market Analysis

    Employing advanced analytics tools to keep an eye on competitors’ strategies and adjust your campaigns accordingly.

  • Advanced Budget Allocation & Forecasting

    Utilizing machine learning for intelligent allocation of budgets across various campaigns, ad groups, and keywords.

  • Ongoing Campaign Refinement

    Regularly scheduled strategy sessions for ongoing adjustment and improvement of campaign parameters, based on the latest performance data.


Monthly and Quarterly Insight Summaries: Each month and quarter, you'll receive an in-depth yet easy-to-understand report detailing your campaign's performance. These insights will cover keyword selection, ad text efficacy, and organic rank standing. Once you've had a chance to review the report, we offer an optional one-hour consultation with your team to discuss your campaign's trajectory, offer strategic insights, and address any questions you may have.


Every campaign is different, so it’s impossible to quote a one-size-fits-all price. The price of the service will vary depending on your keyword volume and monthly spend.

How to hire Push Fire

If you’re interested in our PPC Management Services, please contact us to check our availability and receive a free quote.

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