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PushFire is an acknowledged pioneer in the digital marketing industry, with over 15 years of hands-on strategy development and implementation. PushFire is also a leading voice in the paid search arena and an innovator in the field of retargeting.

We've teamed up with industry giants to achieve mind-blowing outcomes delivering impressive results.


We quarterbacked the digital marketing playbook for the Pittsburgh Steelers' online ProShop, optimizing both PPC and SEO to drive sales. Our data-informed, targeted advertising elevated ProShop revenue while our SEO strategies boosted organic reach and site visibility.

This two-pronged approach not only increased sales but also delivered a strong ROI, demonstrating that a comprehensive, data-driven digital strategy can be a true game-changer.

Scott Phelps - Pittsburgh Steelers
Scott Phelps
Vice President, Technology

"PushFire is talented, dedicated and professional. Their personal interest in the success of your project literally sets them apart from any vendor I’ve used for any initiative. We were in need of a refresh and education of our SEO, paid search and digital marketing efforts and PushFire walked us through every one. Can’t recommend them enough if you are looking for a digital marketing firm."

The PushFire Effect


Advertising Revenue Increased


Cost Per Sale Lowered

The PushFire Effect


Increased Revenue


Increased ROAS

We built Alan’s Factory Outlet a strong PPC foundation

In just three short years, PushFire took Alan's Factory Outlet from a healthy monthly revenue of $355,000 to an eye-popping $2,000,000. But we didn't stop there.

Our multi-channel approach maximized customer acquisition while minimizing costs, striking a balance that supercharged Alan's Factory Outlet's profitability. If you're ready to not just meet but shatter your revenue goals, PushFire is the partner you've been waiting for.

Jason Bible - Houston House Buyers
Alan Bernau Jr

"In just 3 years, PushFire took our online store's monthly revenue from $355,000 to $2,000,000. ROAS soared from 256% to 902%. We couldn't be happier with the results."


We laid the foundation for Houston House Buyers' home-flipping empire in the heart of Texas, employing Google Ads and Bing Ads to craft laser-focused campaigns. Through diligent landing page optimization, we slashed their cost per lead from a staggering $450 to a mere $53. By the end of our second year in partnership, they celebrated the milestone of 300 flipped homes — all thanks to the quality leads strategically acquired by PushFire.

Our dual-faceted approach didn't just cut costs; it ramped up their deal-closing potential, proving once again that a data-led digital strategy is the cornerstone of successful lead generation and ROI.

Jason Bible - Houston House Buyers
Jason Bible

"We've worked with PushFire for nearly three years, and they have been fantastic. They have developed multiple strategies to assist us to grow and thrive as a new enterprise. Sean is excellent at implementing practical strategies for your business and not just the newest "pie in the sky" idea you hear from most online marketing firms."

The PushFire Effect


Lead Cost Cut


Real Estate Deals Closed

The PushFire Effect


Decreased Acquisition Cost

Fine-Tuning Raven Tools Pre-Acquisition Position via PPC

While Raven Tools has always been a valuable player in the SEO industry, we had the privilege of fine-tuning their Google Ads campaigns. By reducing their cost per lead by 34%, we optimized their existing advertising strategies. This contributed to setting a more cost-effective stage, complementing their already strong business metrics.

As a result, Raven Tools was well-positioned when they successfully underwent acquisition by TapClicks. Our role served as a supportive element in their overarching success, confirming that strategic PPC management can be a valuable asset at any business stage.

Jon Henshaw - Raven Tools
Jon Henshaw

"Sean is incredibly well-versed in the world of online marketing, and has helped us see amazing results with our paid advertising campaigns. He has also provided us invaluable advice and recommendations for our company's PPC tools and reporting. If you want your company to experience true success, hire Sean and PushFire."


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  • Search Engine Ads

    We deliver targeted, relevant traffic to your business through expert search engine advertising.

  • Video Ads

    We create engaging display and video ads that resonate with audiences, turning visual storytelling into tangible success.

  • CRM & AI Automation

    We streamline your business with CRM and Automation, enhancing engagement and driving growth.

  • Landing Pages

    We design landing pages that turn visitors into customers, guiding them from interest to action.

  • Social Media Ads

    We link your brand to the right audience with engaging social media ads that drive results.

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