Case Studies

Below, you’ll see a very small sampling of the results PushFire™ (formerly Ascendgence) has achieved for clients. For more information, or for specific samples, please feel free to contact us.

A. Pimp This Bum

In February 2009, Kevin and Sean decided to create a viral marketing idea that they could use as a public case study to showcase to clients of the newly formed Ascendgence, LLC. They decided to use the internet to show how to take a business from zero to sixty quickly overnight.

What started as a brainstorming session of potential businesses for a great case study—evolved into the question: “Why not use our skills to help someone while also building a public portfolio that won’t expose our clients?”

Within a few hours, the domain was purchased and development began. A mere 3 weeks later,, and the subject of their marketing campaign, Tim Edwards, became an international phenomenon, attributed by media outlets as the “world’s most famous homeless man.”

Service Type

Viral Link Building Campaign

The Results

  • Over $100k in donations raised in 3 months
  • Tim received rehab to treat his alcohol addiction
  • Tim received job training, housing, counseling, and assistance to help with his transition off the streets
  • Today, Tim is over 3 years sober

Small Sampling of Media Coverage

B. Custom Office Supply Manufacturer

This startup client manufactures and sells a high-dollar pieces of office equipment. Their goal was to increase their sales through organic search engine optimization (SEO) and Pay Per Click (PPC). We developed their PPC campaign from scratch, provided SEO on-site and via link development. In addition, we provided reputation management by introducing their product to various niches online, and controlling the conversation about their brand.


Custom Office Supply

Financial Results

Percentage of Monthly Sales Increase: 4400%

Service Type

Search Engine Optimization and Pay Per Click

SEO Results

The following organic traffic graph shows all non-paid and non-brand keywords bringing traffic. The backlink profile displays links resulting from on-going high quality link development and brand awareness campaigns. In one year, we ranked this client’s site number one on Google for their market’s most lucrative keyword, up from ranking 100+ prior to Ascendgence.

Organic Traffic Trend

Improvements in Search Engine Rankings

Backlink Profile

*First 3 months of hire dedicated to PPC testing of keywords to learn best ROI keywords to target through SEO.

PPC Results

January 2010

15 Conversions | $85.24 Per Conversion Cost | 2.97% Conversion Rate

March 2011*

71 Conversions | $40.00 Per Conversion Cost | 9.33% Conversion Rate

*Results achieved despite a +$3.00 cost per click increase in primary keywords due to increasingly aggressive competition from January 2010 to March 2011.

C. Niche Educational Training Site

This client provides educational training courses for a particular industry. Their goal was to improve SEO for national and local target terms. Their PPC goal was to increase the number of introductory course sign-ups near their city locations.



Service Type

Search Engine Optimization and Pay Per Click

SEO Results

Year over year comparison of organic keyword traffic to client’s site and backlink profile

Increase in Non-Brand Organic Keyword Referrals

Organic traffic increasing year over year

Backlink Profile

Target Keyword Results

Three-word target keyword that receives 165,000 searches per month, ranked 81st prior, currently ranks 5th and will continue to climb. Client ranks #1 for this term in Local Search.

Pay Per Click Results

Three Months Before Ascendgence

  • Search: 23 conversions | $41.92 Per Converions

Three Months With Ascendgence

  • Search: 124 Conversions | $26.28 Per Conversion