Sean Dolan

Sean Dolan

Sean Dolan is the President & COO of PushFire®. In 2007, on his way to a business degree, Sean accidentally landed himself a spot on the NBC reality show Fame. Realizing he craved a creative path, Sean entered show biz and took a gig working as a Promotions Assistant with a Houston Radio Station, which led to an on-air show called ‘Curbside’. As Sean made a name for himself in the Houston entertainment business as a well known DJ, MC, and Corporate Director of Marketing for one of the area’s hottest nightclubs, he decided to mesh his musical, marketing, and business talents and turn his DJ hobby into a full time business, Orangeman Productions.

Within a year, after successfully advertising his company via organic search engine optimization (SEO) and pay-per-click (PPC) marketing, friends began asking Sean to apply his online talents to their businesses. As a result, in 2009, Sean founded Ascendgence with partner, Kevin J. Dolan.

Sean’s first Ascendgence project was a case study that would demonstrate Ascendgence’s Internet Marketing prowess. The goal was to take a business from 0-60 in a relatively short time frame. Pimp This Bum was created and gained international news coverage on Fox News, CNN, CBS, Fox, and The Rachel Ray Show after a destitute man named Tim Edwards (currently no longer homeless and three years sober) became the “Face of Homelessness in America”.

A short year later, Ascendgence was at capacity and Sean was faced with the decision to expand his business of helping businesses find success online.

In 2012, Sean and his wife, Rae Hoffman, combined forces and clientele and Ascendgence became PushFire.

Notable Items

  • Eagle Scout
  • Featured on, March 2009
  • Appeared on the Fox and Friends Morning Show (National)
  • Featured on CBS News, March 2009
  • Certified as an AdWords Qualified Professional
  • Microsoft Advertising Accredited Professional
  • Guest Writer, Raven Tools
  • Member, Raven Tools Product Advisory Group
  • Speaker, SMX Toronto
  • Contributing Writer for Squawk
  • Tough Mudder finisher (x4)
  • Speaker, PubCon
  • Speaker, WedTech
  • Speaker, Affiliate Summit West
  • Speaker, Digital Dealer