Case Studies

Authority Rainmaker Event

Copyblogger Media – PPC Management

In the client’s words: “We knew Sean and the PushFire team would perform when we hired them — they’re legit professionals who understand digital commerce, paid placement, and what really matters to us with respect to our return on investment. Every single time we’ve worked with them on a campaign, they’ve over-delivered on service and results. I recommend them to anyone who needs to turn their advertising dollars into actual conversions, because PushFire gets it done.”

Client: Copyblogger Media / Authority Rainmaker Conference

Service type: PPC Management

Client goal: Sell tickets to their online marketing conference, Authority Rainmaker 2015, with strict ticket sales goal, cost per ticket sale goal, and maintain a high overall ROI for the event promotion.

Results: Paid search traffic results for 3 months of event promotion::

  • Achieved 3x ticket sales of PPC goal set by client
  • 400% ROI from PPC Spend
  • Achieved a CPS of less than half the goal originally set by client


Lifestyles Unlimited – PPC Management

In the client’s words: “PushFire works HARD for us and they will for you. They are smart, honest and committed. I am proud to have Sean and Rae on my team and they have made a huge difference in our bottom line.”

Client: Lifestyles Unlimited

Service type: PPC Management

Client goal: To increase paid search traffic and leads coming in to their website and lower their cost per conversion.

Results: Paid search traffic results since we began working with the client (January of 2014 vs. January of 2009 prior to hiring PushFire):

  • Unique visits from paid search are up 444.09%
  • Page views from paid search are up 249.79%
  • Conversions from paid search increased by 4,075%
  • Cost per conversion from paid search decreased by 33%


Stencils Online – Penguin Recovery & A Content Marketing / Link Building Strategy Plan

In the client’s words: “We are really impressed with all the work PushFire has done. Having worked with different SEO companies over the past 18 years that we have been in business, PushFire has by far been the most comprehensive.”

Client: Stencils Online

Service type: Penguin Recovery & A Content Marketing / Link Building Strategy Plan

Client goal: Stencils Online had been hit in the Penguin 1.0 (#1) update. They’d worked with an SEO firm to attempt to get the penalty removed. They’d recovered slightly from the initial hit, but their website was still buried in the Google search results. They were looking to recover the penalty and then begin legitimate promotional tactics to move forward with their business.

What we did: An initial overview revealed that Stencils Online had acquired some highly unnatural links due to tactics utilized by a former SEO company and was also victim of some technical issues that we believed to be causing them additional problems by sending false positive signals to Google in regards to the Penguin filter. We performed some link removals, disavowed what we couldn’t remove and gave instructions to fix the technical issues we believed to be exacerbating their Penguin problems. We also provided them with a complete strategy plan to legitimately market their business via on site and off site initiatives.

Results: When Penguin 2.1 (#5) was released, the Stencils Online site rebounded, with their website moving back to the first page of results. While they didn’t recover their former #1 rankings for their core terms as a result of losing some of their links in the cleanup, they were back on the first page for almost all of them and ready to move forward with more sustainable marketing strategies.Post recovery traffic compared to the same period the year prior (when they were still Penguinized despite having achieved some minor recovery):

  • Unique visits from organic search are up 114.89%
  • Page views from organic search are up 101.37%
  • Organic search traffic continues to increase despite new marketing initiatives having yet to commence


Pimp This Bum – Viral Campaign

Client: Pimp This Bum

Service type: Viral Campaign

Client goal: When Sean Dolan started Ascendgence, he wanted to create a campaign to use as a case study when talking with potential clients. Then the idea hit him – he would attempt to help get a homeless person off the streets by using the power of the web to bring one man’s plight to the attention of the American people.

What he did: Sean found Tim Edwards (who had been homeless for five years due to his alcohol addiction) and told him his idea. Tim was on board. Together with his former partner, Sean created the website and began promoting a strategic campaign surrounding the website and Tim in the Houston area and on the web.

Results: The campaign received international attention and was featured on CBS NewsCNN.comThe Guardian (UK)Fox & FriendsSydney Morning Herald (Australia) and multiple other national and international news outlets via both televised broadcasts and online web coverage. Pimp This Bum raised over $100,000 dollars in three months, Tim received in patient alcohol treatment, job training, housing, counseling and assistance to help with his transition off the streets. Today, Tim Edwards is 4+ years sober.