Monthly SEO Services

SEOIf there’s one thing that has been drilled in agencies, business owners and Fortune companies alike in the last two years, it’s that the days of “gaming” Google are over. Even if those gaming tactics are successful now, you’ll likely eventually pay the price as Google continues to wage it’s war on spam.

You’ve likely landed on this page as a result of one of four actions:

  • You entered it through finding it while using a search engine (awesome)
  • You entered it by clicking on “Monthly SEO Services” on our site (also awesome)
  • You clicked on our “Link Building Services” link (you have to drop that old way of thinking in regards to SEO)
  • You clicked on our “Content Marketing Services” page (congrats for deciding to build your online marketing campaign using quality content – we’ve long been considering this a neccessary aspect of an awesome SEO campaign – well before it had this shiny new name)

We create and implement SEO strategies, not tactics

For years Google’s algorithm could be seduced with one tactic – building keyword based anchor links. But those days are gone. And the sites who hammered it hard are paying for it in the post Penguin era.

What’s required to rank in the current search engine landscape is an all encompassing online marketing strategy that builds traffic, brand, exposure and coverage (links) – directing it all into a tightly optimized website with a focus on usability and conversions.

And a killer product, service or “value add”.

We can’t provide you with the latter, but if you already have it? We can help you promote it – to both people AND search engines.

What’s covered in PushFire® Monthly SEO Services?

We work on tightening your on site SEO, while adding strategic on site content (driven by keyword research and user intent) aimed at drawing in traffic from people, websites (links) and search engines. We help you produce and promote your own content, as well as get featured in content on other sites.
We don’t look at you as a “client”. We look at ourselves as being a part of your team. We might have to tell you that you’re doing some things wrong – but then we’ll help you fix it, improve it, convert it, publicize it and rank it.


Each month we’ll provide you with a detailed report that shows you exactly what we did in the prior month and shows you the results that work has achieved. We’ll follow that up with a call to go through the report, make sure we’re all on the same page and that your promotional priorities remain the same.

Keep in mind that organic search engine rankings take time to develop. You can’t hire a firm to begin work in month one and expect to see earth shattering results in month two.

Developing and employing defensible SEO strategies is a process and the “time frame” to begin seeing significant results is often dependent on the “starting point” your specific site begins from in regards to technical issues, on site content, prior SEO campaigns and your current rankings.


Each website has different needs and different levels of “competition” within their niche so it’s impossible to give a one-size-fits-all price. Pricing for monthly SEO services varies depending on how much time and effort we feel it will take to see significant traffic increases in the time frame you hope to see them. However, our minimum monthly budget begins at $4,000 USD.

How to hire PushFire for Monthly SEO Services

If you’re interested in hiring PushFire to handle the ongoing SEO efforts for your website, you can contact us to check our availability or get a free quote. Available openings are filled on a first come, first serve, “you’re someone we feel we can deliver great ROI to” basis.