Content Marketing Strategies

Content MarketingContent marketing became the newest buzz phrase in the online marketing world this past year. But what is “content marketing” and how does it differ from traditional link building practices or content strategies? The truth is, there is a lot of overlap.

Good link builders have been acquiring links, in part, through “content marketing” tactics for well over a decade now. Good content strategists have long been developing content with the primary goal of that content being to attract a target demographic and convert them in various fashions to help drive revenue (and branding).

What is content marketing?

According to Wikipedia content marketing is “any marketing format that involves the creation and sharing of media and publishing content in order to acquire customers.”We tend to look at it as a marriage of content based link building, content development and reaching your target market for potential customer acquisition.

Developing links through quality content (which also garners social signals, branding and attention) leads to better search engine rankings which can lead to higher customer acquisition rates.

By paying attention to keyword research when developing a content marketing strategy, you can attempt to reach consumers via content that may not be “obvious” without it.

By focusing on and developing a reputation for helping people and solving problems with your content, you become an obvious contender for a consumer’s business when the need arises.

How do you develop a content marketing strategy?

Your internal team is usually the best option for creating awesome content to use in your content marketing efforts within your niche. After all, no one knows your business – or your target market – better than you do.

However, while we find that many website owners have the time, knowledge and resources to create awesome content, they lack the knowledge of how to get started with content marketing in the most strategic and results oriented way possible.

That’s where we come in.

What’s covered in a PushFire® Content Marketing Strategy?

Our marketing team will ask you detailed questions about your target market and where your business fits within your niche (also known as a SWOT analysis). We look at your strengths and weaknesses, past marketing efforts and what your competition is doing both successfully and unsuccessfully.
We then combine that knowledge with keyword research, social research, demographic research and our knowledge of how to achieve organic search engine rankings to create a custom and creative content marketing strategy for your internal team to execute.

Nothing in a PushFire content marketing plan is “canned” – each content marketing strategy includes tons of ideas, suggestions and strategies specific to your website and niche. We lay out each idea, how we envision the final product and suggestions on how promote it. Execution of those strategies are handled by your in house team.


The ideas we develop in your content marketing strategy document will help keep your content creation staff busy for quite some time. The ideas are yours to execute as you see fit. Additionally, talented editorial teams will usually be able to use our ideas as a springboard to coming up with additional content marketing ideas all on their own.

Once you’ve had a chance to review your content marketing plan, we’ll schedule a one-hour phone call to go over the document with your internal team to answer any questions you might have.


Every site and industry is different, so it’s impossible to provide a one-size-fits-all price in regards to a custom content marketing plan. Prices vary depending on various factors. However, most PushFire content marketing strategies run between $2,500 – $5,000.

Get a Custom Content Marketing Plan for Your Website

If you’re interested in having PushFire develop a content marketing strategy plan for your website, you can contact us to check our availability or get a free quote. However, because all of our content marketing strategies are created custom for the website at hand, availability is limited.