Link Building

Since our executive staff started in the online marketing industry over a decade ago, link building through building your online brand has been one of our biggest strengths. Our track record of building strong, high quality, legitimate, organic, non-paid links speaks for itself.

We offer clients three core services centered around generating links:

Link Building StrategiesLink Building Strategies

Content marketing plans

Link Building Strategies

Companies often task their internal “team” with link development efforts. However, most of the time they simply aren’t sure what to do in order to get quality links that will stand the test of algorithmic time. That’s where our link building strategies come in.

Because link building is such an important component of search engine rankings, we’re very fortunate that link building strategies are one of the most consistent strengths of the PushFire™ team.

Whether we’re coming in to offer strategies to an established website or developing a link building strategy from ground zero for a brand new site, we love the challenge of finding ways to make your site one that people actually want to link to.

What’s covered in your link building strategy?

Our link building strategies cover everything from basic low hanging fruit to vertical link building to horizontal link building to strategies for link building through social media…and much more. Our entire team takes a look at your specific website. We pretend it’s our website and we ask ourselves: “If there were no limitations, what is every possible link building method and/or idea that we could possibly come up with for this website?”

We also look at what your competition is doing to ensure you’re not missing any opportunities they’ve already put into action. We also identify opportunities that your competition is currently not utilizing to keep you one step ahead.

We’re not focused on finding link building loopholes or buying links, so if you’re looking for the “easy fix” when it comes to link building, we’re probably not right for you. Instead, our focus is on creating long term links that are defensible in algorithmic updates. Links that bring people to your site in addition to benefiting your search engine rankings.


The resulting document can keep link building staff busy for quite some time. Additionally, talented teams will usually be able to expand on our techniques and create additional strategies based on our suggestions. It’s part “here’s some fish” and part “here’s how to fish”. Additionally, after you’ve had a chance to review our report, we’ll book a one hour call with the members of your team to explain our suggestions and go over any questions you have about the link building strategy report.


Every site and industry differs, so it’s impossible to provide a one-size-fits-all price for a custom link building strategy. Prices vary depending on various factors of the site and its topic.

Get a Link Building Strategy for your website

If you’re interested in one of our link building strategy reports for your website, you can contact us to check our availability and get a free quote. However, because all link building strategies are customized based on the client, availability is limited.

Link Building Services

This is where you can hire PushFire™ to actually go out and pound the pavement to build quality external links for your website. We don’t use low quality, low value tactics in our link building campaigns either. We aim to provide your site with quality links that drive traffic and exposure while increasing your search engine rankings.

We will have a few openings beginning in January 2014

Please note that we do not take on link building services clients with budgets of less than 5K per month. A six month commitment is also required. Available openings are filled on a first come, first serve, “you’re someone we feel we can deliver great ROI to” basis.